Yvette White Life Coach

Life Coaching facilitates the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change in life and love.

A Life coach's job is to assist a client in discovering their true life’s potential and desire, while showing you the steps on how to LIVE it! How does this sound to you?

One on one coaching includes Emotional Freedom Technique, Time Management and Counselling skills. You can be the best you can be!

Yvette is a Master Self-Discovery Coach™ that out shines many coaches in this industry. Not only does she have the undying patience that a coach needs, she is highly skilled in facilitating a success path for you. All of this while showing you the very personal *success* path that fits your life. She is trained to discover the invisible road blocks in your way of living the life you only dream of and break them down for good.

She has completed our intense 14 week program for our Level I training and finished our 14-week Master Coach Level this year. She is your Success Coach, Instructor, Mentor, and Facilitator.

So what are you waiting for?

Merna Throne, B.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer
Founder of the Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy


'Meditation techniques'

'Grief recovery, Person Centred Bereavement Counselling'

'Trauma therapy'

'Coaching you through moving to a new home'

'Working, being single and Kids, coping mechanisms!'

'Have an Amazing relationship with yourself and be happy with your partner!'

'Starting over after a break up'

'Flowing with the Law of Attraction'

'Working with the power of your subconscious''

'Learning to Love yourself'

'Over eating'

'Suicidal thoughts'

'One on one Personal Social Media coaching'

'Death Anxiety''

You can also book on to one of the following or come to my home for one of the Groups below:

Self Discovery Workshops.

Guided Meditation.

Choose your own goals and challenges and I will map out the path, plan, and prosperity for you. We will tap into your own personal desires, dreams, and hopes to live a fantastic life!

Services are £45 per hour and discounts for new customers and courses of treatment.