‘Thank You Yvette.
My sessions with you were very helpful to me. It was great to be able to talk to you, you made me feel very comfortable and able to talk freely.
Your advice was great and you made me feel less insane with my grief. Your methods for dealing with this grief were always positive and constructive.
Thank You For Listening and Helping.’

Jane Hargreaves


Yvette was recommended to me by a friend and she has really helped me to become much more motivated and able to focus on setting up my new business and making it a success. Whenever I feel under pressure and not able to cope, I utilise the skills she’s taught me and I feel fine again. She is a genuinel caring person and very good at what she does and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an exceptional therapist.

Jackie Callow


”I was suffering from stress and anxiety and apart from getting panic attacks I was also finding it hard to sleep. I had tried everything from medication to counselling and unfortunately nothing really helped. Finally a friend highly recommended Yvette to me so I decided to give therapy one last try. Yvette, put me at ease straight away, she asked me questions that quickly got to the root of the problem and seemed to understand intuitively where I was at, which was such a relief. We then progressed onto the EFT. I don’t know how it works, although Yvette did explain it well, but one thing I know….IT WORKS! Even after the 1st session i felt like a massive weight has been lifted. No more panic attacks, I have virtually stopped all medication and I am now, finally, able to get on with my life again – I still can’t believe it. Yvette also offers some great Life Coaching, getting you to look outside the box without you even realising you are – Brilliant! Thank you so much Yvette for helping me turn my life around. I would happily recommend friends and family to see Yvette for a wide range of issues. Robert from Southend on Sea.


EFT was a therapy that I knew little about when first introduced to Yvette.. It is something that just flows as it unfolds… Our initial conversation was unscripted & easy. I am personally in the ” Damaged Goods” section of life but through Yvette’s guided yet gentle questioning I soon realised that my own views on my life issues were far too damning & the cotton wool I wore for protection was slowly being peeled off, layer by …layer. I appreciated the EFT process as I have no doubt she instinctively tunes in to each client as required. Don’t expect to emerge after the EFT journey as the same person you were at the beginning. Yvette is an excellent practitioner if you truly want to sort out past issues, present blocks & change future perspectives. I now realise that Yvette has a sound depth of intuition,spiritual awareness & a grip on real life which makes her all the more real & effective, I was so lucky to be recommended to her. Sincere thanks , Katherine Ellington


“Yvette is very compassionate and caring, and she has a genuine passion to help you discover you!”

Mary Costanza


Yvette is a Self-Discovery Coachâ„¢ that out shines many coaches in this industry. Not only does she have the undying patience that a coach needs, she is highly skilled in facilitating a success path for you. All of this while showing you the very personal *success* path that fits your life. She is trained to discover the invisible road blocks in your way of living the life you only dream of and break them down for good. So what are you waiting for? đŸ˜‰

Merna Throne, Author, Master Self-Discovery Coachâ„¢, Coach Academy Director



I would like to thank you for the recent therapy that I undertook with you. I found you a very empathic listener and felt that you let me express my feelings re issues of my concern in my own way. I found the whole session liberating and rewarding.
I was suprised as to how non judgemental you were during the session.




Dear Yvette a massive thank you for all your care and support. You give so much to others and make such a difference to society. Without special people like you this world would be difficult for many people. I am very proud to know you best wishes Kathy


OMG shout out to all my emotional friends … I so recommend Tapping Therapy by Yvette Young at th…e Temple cafe ~ I feel totally awesome … like a weight has been lifted off my heart <3 Thank you Yvette Young-White I am a changed woman!! ‘ Fiona


I have had several EFT sessions with Yvette, all of which have been very beneficial on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Yvette is professional yet warm and very empathetic. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to further their own life path and self development…..Anon


Yvette is very warm caring person who makes an ideal councillor for anyone.  She help me with my business and also makes an exceptional life coach.  ~ KW


I Went to see Yvette during a particularly stressful time at work and it was one of the first times I chose a talking therapy.  I felt immediately comfortable when I first met Yvette and every session proved very informative and I was beginning to understand how best to deal with my situation.  It’s about feeling stronger and then having the confidence to do what’s best for you.  It’s always good to talk to your friends and family but sometimes you need help from someone on a professional level even if it’s only a few sessions.  I would recommend Yvette to anyone.


Thanks for my 1 to 1 you’re very natural and inspiring and opened up my mind to new thoughts on love.